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Applications in pharmacies

A large number of different legal requirements must be observed in the manufacture of drugs, cytostatics and parenterals. The preparation of cosmetics and the second blistering of medicines are also subject to a restrictive set of rules. Risks from contamination with harmful substances, germs or microorganisms must be reliably excluded at all times.

With our GMP cleanroom systems and GMP laboratories, we offer the prerequisites for seamless compliance with and monitoring of the strict legal standards for product and personal protection. We support you with the qualification and the creation of the necessary documents for the approval process.

  • Cytostatic laboratories
  • Parenteral laboratories
  • Blistering

Application examples

Cleanroom for cytostatics laboratory, clinic, GMP A in D

Hospital laboratory
GMP A into D

to product
Cleanroom for cytostatics laboratory, GMP A in C

Hospital Pharmacy
GMP A into C

to product
Cleanroom for cytostatics laboratory, pharmacy, GMP A in B

Cytostatic laboratory 
GMP A into B

to product
Cleanroom for deblistering, GMP D

Deblistering medicines, GMP A into B

to product
Cleanroom for blister centre Switzerland, GMP D

Blister Center Switzerland

to product