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Applications in the plastics industry

Components and packaging for medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry must be delivered absolutely free of defects and without any contamination. Controlled cleanroom conditions in injection moulding and injection blow moulding offer a solution here. Various concepts can be used for this. In terms of energy efficiency, the injection moulding machines are equipped with laminar flow attachments outside of the cleanroom in order to prevent contamination during the production process with targeted air flows. The manufactured plastic parts are safely transported via encapsulated conveyor belts and safe locks to the cleanroom, where final assembly, testing and packaging are carried out. The processing of plastics in the medical sector is very demanding in terms of cleanroom technology and is one of the core segments for SCHILLING ENGINEERING.

  • Micro injection moulding
  • Injection moulding of medical parts
  • Injection blow moulding pharmaceutical packaging

Application examples

Cleanroom for manufacturing pipette tips, ISO 8

Pipette tip production, ISO 8

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Cleanroom for pharmaceutical plastic packaging, ISO 7

Blow moulding Pharmaceutical packaging

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Cleanroom for injection moulding medical technology, GMP C

Injection moulding of microcomponents 

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Cleanroom for injection moulding of micro-implants, GMP C

injection moulding micro implants

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Cleanroom for medical components injection moulding, ISO 7

Injection moulding of medical components

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Cleanroom Automation

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