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Do you need a special cleanroom floor?

The floor is important, BUT you don't always need a special cleanroom floor

Do you need a special cleanroom floor?

This is one of the many questions we regularly discuss with interested parties or customers.

In fact, everything in a cleanroom, from the ceiling to the floor, must be adapted to the special requirements.

So that means:

The floor is important, BUT you don't always need a special cleanroom floor.
Depending on the cleanroom class, you can get by with a simple existing floor. The rule of thumb here is that anything that suggests dust and abrasion (e.g. carpeting, screed, etc.) is basically not suitable. But for high ISO classes, even a normal industrial floor can be perfectly adequate.

This is especially the case when working with mobile tent solutions, for example.

In a high-tech cleanroom, on the other hand, it is essential to install a special cleanroom floor.

What is so special about cleanroom flooring?

Basically, the following characteristics distinguish a cleanroom floor from a normal industrial floor:

  • Seamless
  • Low abrasion
  • No cracks
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection

Of course, depending on the application, conductivity, high load-bearing capacity, resistance to chemicals and much more are also added.

This is achieved with epoxy resin screeds or certain synthetic vinyl floor coverings.

By the Way:

We prefer to install the flooring in our installations even before the cleanroom system is delivered.  The cleanroom is then built on the prepared floor and the joints sealed.

Another option would be to set up the cleanroom without the appropriate floor covering and then lay the cleanroom-compliant floor room by room.

And the final question: "Is the floor included with you?"

We usually answer with: "If you wish - yes!".