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How do you put on a cleanroom overall correctly?

Put on the coverall in the clean room:

  • Carefully remove the coverall from the package. Grasp only the inside of the suit.
  • Unfold the suit and keep it off the floor. The fabric must not come into contact with the floor, your clothes or the sitover bench.
  • Grasp the inside of the sleeves and trouser legs and gather them together. Do not touch the outside.
  • Step into a gathered leg of the coverall. Again, keep the coverall away from the floor and sitover bench.
  • Step into the second leg. When getting into the leg, make sure that snaps are open and that the foot is fully passed through the elastic at the end of the leg.
  • Slip into the sleeves and let the coverall slide over the shoulders without touching it from the outside.
  • Straighten and close the zip from the inside