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How much cleanroom do you need?

The most important question when planning a new cleanroom project

Every square metre of cleanroom causes high expenses not only in the construction, but especially in the running operation. Specifying a larger area or a higher cleanroom class ultimately means more filter systems, more "air", more costs.

The first questions to our customers are therefore usually:

  1. Are you sure you need this cleanroom class?
  2. Are you sure that you need this cleanroom size?
  3. Are you sure you need air conditioning, especially humidity control?

Quite apart from the investment, energy costs play a significant role in question 3. That's why we explicitly focus on energy-efficient solutions ... but that's only in passing.

Only when we understand the process can we help the customer not to incur unnecessary costs for cleanroom technology and not to shoot "cannons at sparrows". The goal is maximum customer benefit, not maximum turnover.

Well, what does that mean in concrete terms?
It doesn't always have to be a permanently installed cleanroom, but an enclosure or cleanroom tent is often quite sufficient for manual activities - for example in combination with a table-top unit (laminar flow bench).

For clean production, a cleanroom or a combination with laminar flow benches may even be sufficient. Even with this, the cleanliness class of the controlled environment can be partially achieved very well without having to build an entire cleanroom.

For mechanical processes, machines can also be installed and encapsulated outside the cleanroom. In this case, wall openings or conveyor belts are used to enter the cleanroom. Here in particular, there are many ways to reduce costs without sacrificing safety.

So how much cleanroom do you need? - As much as necessary and as little as possible.