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Simply beautiful - beautifully simple. Bright production in ISO9.

We were able to set up a very nice ISO9 cleanroom of 90 sqm at the Avintos company in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. Avintos AG is a leading system supplier in the field of high-quality industrial fittings and hose assemblies. For the assembly of silicone hoses for the pharmaceutical industry, the modern company needs a clean environment.

The CleanCell4.0 cleanroom system was precisely adapted to the spatial conditions and offers a very bright and open working area thanks to the full glazing of the front and LED strips integrated in the ceiling profiles. The air is recirculated from the room directly to the filter fan unit, which is integrated in the ceiling area. This results in the already purified air being filtered again. Thus, an ISO class 7 could be measured in the clean room with only two FFUs and an ISO class 8 in the airlock. This method puts little strain on the U15 filters and the filter service life is very long. 
Sockets, compressed air connections, network connections and fresh water connections were prepared inside the cleanroom for flexible use of the machine connections. 

An 11-square-metre airlock area, which is entered via two fully glazed automatic sliding doors with mutual locking, ensures clean entry of personnel and material.
The system is controlled simply via a small glass control panel, which is used to switch the FFUs and the lighting on and off.

The fully glazed front of the ISO 9 cleanroom provides bright working conditions
The controlled, clean environment is achieved via two U15 filters and an efficient recirculation process
The airlock is entered via two fully glazed sliding doors