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Accessories & Equipment

Cleanroom equipment and cleanroom accessories

You operate a cleanroom and want to fulfil all the requirements for a safe and clean process even with the cleanroom equipment? But you don't know all the standards and features that the products in a cleanroom have to meet?

It is very important to us to pass on our knowledge of cleanroom technology so that our customers can protect their processes in the best possible way. Even and especially in the selection of cleanroom equipment and cleanroom accessories, the wrong products can cause considerable damage. We will be happy to advise you on an individual concept for your cleanroom products.


Airlock equipment

Personnel airlocks are often cramped and yet must be furnished in a very functional and ergonomic manner. The furnishings are individually adapted to the space available and the number of employees. Important airlock furnishings include wardrobe cabinets and utensil dispensers in which cleanroom clothing is stored ready to hand. Sitovers, washbasins and dust-binding mats ensure a safe and controlled lock-in process.

Cleanroom furniture

Furniture placed in the cleanroom must meet strict cleanliness requirements. Materials and workmanship of the cleanroom furniture prevent hidden dust deposits and allow easy cleaning and disinfection. Good ergonomics for employees is also very important. Our tables, cleanroom chairs, cabinets and more are precisely tailored to the needs of cleanroom processes.

Stainless steel equipment

Stainless steel is a very good material for cleanrooms. It is resistant to disinfectants, facilitates cleaning and prevents hidden contamination risks. Stainless steel tables are a good choice in GMP cleanrooms or when handling acids. Stainless steel cabinets and shelves are used for storing pharmaceutical products and chemical substances. 

Additional equipment

All cleanroom equipment and utensils meet the requirements for low particle emission and easy cleanability. The additional cleanroom products we offer include special table trolleys, cleanroom telephones and film sealers, as well as particle measuring devices and ionisers.

Cleanroom clothing

Cleanrooms should only be entered with appropriate cleanroom clothing. With this cleanroom equipment you protect the manufacturing process from particle emissions by the employees. The fabrics are made of lint-free, synthetic high-tech fibres that retain the particles and are still breathable and comfortable to wear.

Cleaning utensils

One of the important routine tasks is the proper cleaning of the cleanroom. Since particles are invisible, staff training and proper use of cleaning supplies are critical to maintaining cleanroom quality. Cleaning supplies, cleanroom wipes, mops and hoovers are made from special materials and compositions specifically for cleanroom cleaning.