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Cleanroom systems for germ-free processes


GMP cleanrooms for germ-free processes - pharmacy, biotechnology, pharmacies and laboratories

In the demanding areas of pharmacy and biotechnology, in pharmacies and laboratories, the legal regulations and requirements are particularly high. CleanSteriCell® cleanroom systems meet GMP standards and have been developed for work and production processes that must rule out contamination by germs, spores and microbiological contamination. These cleanrooms are also used in food technology and cosmetics.

Our in-house developed cleanrooms are customised and optimally adapted to your requirements and spatial conditions. The system solutions are extremely reliable and equipped with the latest technology and high-quality materials. 

GMP cleanrooms require special equipment. Here you can find our HPL and stainless steel fittings that meet these requirements.<br/> The qualification of a GMP cleanroom requires complete and precise documentation. We carry out this qualification for you and support you in communication with the responsible authorities. 


  • Free-standing "room-within-room" system
  • Modular design for flexible conversion and expansion
  • Fully glazed doors and walls with LED visualization
  • Touchscreen control and integrated GMP monitoring
  • Energy-efficient air circulation and air conditioning technology
  • Silicone-free GMP seals
  • optional applications:
    • Local hood exhaust
    • Filter leak test equipments
    • Laboratory workplaces

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