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Hand washing lotion, halogen and chloride free

  • Hand washing lotion for sensitive skin, frequent hand washing
  • Mild surfactant base
  • With special preservation
  • Contains skin-identical protective factors
  • PH skin neutral
  • Plant-based
  • Alkali and soap free
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Dermatologically tested washing raw materials
  • Does not contain sulfates, chlorides, parabens, PEG or halogens

Container sizes:

  • 0.5 litre Euro bottle for dispenser system 500 ml, item no.: 8002.5.008
    Bottle size: 176 x 69 x 56 mm
    Packaging Unit: 12 bottles
  • 1.0 litre Euro bottle for dispenser system 1000 ml, item no.: 8001.5.650, 8005.5.016, 8005.5.022
    Bottle size: 209 x 89 x 69 mm
    Packaging Unit: 10 bottles
  • 5.0 litre canister for refilling freely fillable dispenser systems
    Canister size: 226 x 199 x 160 mm
    Packaging Unit: 4 canisters
Sku: 8005.5.901
Cleanroom hand washing lotion for dispenser systems, halogen and chloride free, alkali and soap free

Hygiene and cleanliness in the cleanroom play a key role in ensuring product quality. The cleaning agents and disinfectants used must meet stringent regulatory requirements. In addition, the aspects of occupational safety, employee protection and environmental protection are an important factor. Our agents meet the strict requirements and support you in the professional cleaning of your cleanroom.

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