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What can go wrong when bringing materials into the cleanroom?

Especially with "cleanroom novices", simple, small but nevertheless serious mistakes often happen during the introduction of material and unfortunately often out of ignorance.

So what are the classic mistakes when bringing material into the cleanroom?

  • Cardboard boxes or wooden pallets are taken into the airlock.
  • Packaging is opened too early or uncleaned
  • Material is inadequately packaged.

In general, clothing, cleaning agents and materials used in the cleanroom are usually packed several times. Paper and cardboard packaging in particular carry the risk of introducing large quantities of particles and dust, so cardboard packaging should be avoided as far as possible in classified areas and instead easy-to-clean containers and pallets with smooth surfaces should be used.

And then when must which packaging be removed and how?

  1. Remove external packaging that generates contamination, such as wood, cardboard or paper, before bringing it into the cleanroom areas. Care must be taken not to damage the next outer plastic packaging
  2. Bring the material in the outer plastic packaging into the first airlock. There, first wipe the top, then the sides with suitable cleaning agent.
  3. Tear open the outer layer of the packaging film, peel it off and dispose of it in a suitable waste container.
  4. Repeat the cleaning for each additional layer. Remove the last packaging first before the material or object is used.