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Cleanroom tent

Our cleanroom tents and cleanroom booths offer you a fast and cost-effective solution to prevent contamination. They achieve cleanroom class ISO5, ISO6, ISO7 and ISO8 air quality. Benefit from our convenient standard sizes, modular design and plug and play. Customised sizes are also available.

Request cleanroom tent

With a cleanroom tent or a cleanroom booth from Schilling Engineering, you can quickly and easily obtain a clean production environment. You can also rent the tents for shorter periods of use. We will be happy to advise you on finding the right system for you. Simply send us a non-binding request or feel free to call us. 

Standard sizes
We have defined three practical sizes (2x2m - 4x3m - 5x3m) as standard tents, which we can deliver more quickly and cost-effectively. The 5x3m tent is also available with an integrated airlock.
If your clean production environment needs more space or needs to expand, simply combine several cleanroom tents to create a larger cleanroom. Our standard sizes are easy to combine.
All cleanroom tents in standard sizes and most of the special sizes can be set up by you and put into operation immediately.
The standard 5x3m tent can be supplied with a handy integrated airlock. The small tent (2x2m) can also be used as a personnel airlock by simply connecting it to the cleanroom tent. We can supply the airlock equipment on request.
Getting the cleanroom tents up and running is simple. Plug in, switch on and get started.
Quick delivery
Our standard sizes are available from stock or can be manufactured within a short time. Thus, even short-term projects can be realized for you.
For rent
For short-term applications, we also provide our standard tents as rental tents.
Individual sizes
Of course, we can also supply you with completely customised sizes and fabrications. Walls on site can also be included. We will be happy to advise you without obligation!

Cleanroom tent CleanFlowCell
at a glance

  • Cleanroom classes ISO 5 - 9 and GMP C ,D
  • Favourable standard sizes
  • Easy access from all sides
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Central control
  • Optimum integration of machines
  • Fixed cleanroom walls (optional)
  • Movable on castors (optional)
  • Fast delivery
  • Plug and Play

Cleanroom tents CleanFlowCell
your advantages

We deliver fast and uncomplicated - get started immediately with a prefabricated kit.
All components of the cleanroom booth are prefabricated and delivered precisely adapted to you. We have the necessary elements in stock and can implement your wishes very quickly. For larger units, you can easily link several tents together. On site, the components are assembled simply and ready to plug in according to the assembly instructions and can be put into operation immediately. Plug and play in self-assembly - an ideal solution if you need a controlled environment promptly. Alternatively, we will be happy to assist you with the assembly.

We provide investment security - stay flexible, simply convert and expand. 
You can convert or expand your cleanroom tent very easily. All modules such as ceiling, cleanroom wall, curtain or louvre can be dismantled, replaced and reinserted without causing damage. By choosing the separation, you determine the accessibility for people and machines or the place of installation, e.g. through rollable systems. This gives you a high degree of flexibility for future changes.

We filter without compromise - keep control.
We use the same high-performance filters in our tents that we use for our cleanrooms. For you, this means consistently controlled air quality achieved with a few filter units and a low air exchange rate. The filters run quietly and require little maintenance. You define for us the critical positions for your processes, and we place the filters exactly there. This leads to a high level of process reliability and product protection. And that is the goal.


cleanroom tents

The cleanroom classes that can be achieved in a cleanroom tent depend on various factors, such as the number and type of filters, the air velocity and the degree of cleanliness of the ambient air. Our cleanroom tents fulfill cleanroom classes from ISO 5 to ISO 8, which meets the requirements for many applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics and other industries.

Lamella curtains and fixed curtains are two types of curtains that are used in our cleanroom tents. Lamella curtains consist of several vertical plastic strips that are attached in an overlapping manner. Fixed curtains are one continuous piece of plastic.  Louvre curtains are more flexible as they can be partially or fully opened as required. However, they provide less of a seal as they have gaps between the slats that can allow air or particles to pass through. Fixed curtains are less flexible as they need to be either fully open or fully closed. They require more space as they need a large area to close. However, they provide a better seal as they have no gaps between the curtain and the frame that can let air or particles through.

Our cleanroom tents can be fitted with castors on request. The construction is stable enough to allow the entire cleanroom tent to be moved to another location. Thanks to the plug and play system, the cleanroom tent can simply be plugged into a standard plug and put into operation.

Most versions of the cleanroom tents can be set up by the user according to instructions. A standardized plug-in system enables simple assembly and immediate commissioning. Our standard tents in the sizes 2x2m, 4x3m and 5x3m are put together as a quickly deliverable kit and designed for self-assembly.

We have designed three standard sizes of cleanroom tent to suit most applications: 2x2m, 4x3m and 5x3m (with and without airlock).
These kits are quicker and more cost effective to produce as there is no need to create your own design, drawings and parts lists each time. Storage and sourcing of components is simplified when a system is offered in only a few variants. Finally, on-site assembly is easier and can even be carried out by the customer.

The cleanroom tents are delivered in prefabricated, precisely fitting components (aluminum profiles, ceiling elements, filter fan units, curtains, rails, lighting, etc.).  All components are securely packed on pallets and delivered in one shipment by a forwarding agent.

We rent out the cleanroom tents in the standard sizes 2x2m and 3x4m. A later takeover and settlement is possible.

Why we are the right partner for you

We are fit for the future.
Our family business is already in its second generation. So you can continue to count on us in the future and in the long term.

We work sustainably.
Over the years, we have trimmed our technology for maximum energy efficiency. Through modularity, our systems are also sustainably designed for adaptations and expansions in the future.

We offer safety.
Our first priority is safety with regard to processes, people and the product. In doing so, we seek the ideal balance between state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering for every project.