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Airlock Furniture & Accessories

On this page you will find high quality furniture and essential accessories for your personnel lock. You can find sit-over bench, cleanroom adhesive mat, shelves or cabinets in different materials and on request also in your favorite color. With or without door, with different number of compartments or in a different arrangement - you decide.  All furniture is self-supporting and can be additionally connected with each other. With the help of lock accessories such as utensil dispensers, in which cleanroom clothing can be stored ready to hand, you can make the work of your employees in the cleanroom easier and at the same time safeguard your production process.
If you already know what you need, you are welcome to configure individual airlock furniture yourself and request it via the inquiry basket. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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We will be happy to develop a complete concept with airlock furniture and other equipment for safe loading and unloading. Simply send us a non-binding inquiry or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you!

Lock furniture

Lock accessories

Reinraum Schuhwechselbank aus Melamin
Sitover Bank
Product details
Reinraum Sitover aus Edelstahl, Reinraumklasse ISO 5-9 und GMP B-D
Sitover stainless steel
Product details
Cleanroom V2A stainless steel washbasin
Washbasin stainless steel
Product details
Cleanroom sticky mats made of adhesive film, 30 layers
Cleanroom mats
Product details
Cleanroom permanent mats with a permanent adhesive effect
Permanent mat
Product details
Cleanroom soap / disinfectant dispenser made of stainless steel 500 ml
Soap / disinfectant dispenser, stainless steel
Product details
Cleanroom non-contact soap / disinfectant dispenser made of anodized aluminum
Contactless soap / disinfectant dispenser made, anodized aluminum
Product details
Cleanroom waste bin made of stainless steel with castors
Waste bin, stainless steel
Product details
Reinraum Edelstahl Haarnetz- u. Mundschutzspender
Hairnet and face mask dispenser
Product details
Reinraum Edelstahl Utensilienspender für Mundschutz, Haarnetze, Handschuhe und Einwegkittel
Utensil dispenser for masks, hairnets, gloves, disposable gowns
Product details
Reinraum Edelstahl Hauben- u. Überschuhspender
Hood and overshoe dispenser
Product details
Reinraum Edelstahl Papierhandtuchspender
Product details
glove dispenser
Product details
Water dispenser
Product details
Cabinet for water dispenser
Product details

Airlock Furniture & Accessories

A sitover bench is a special bench used in cleanrooms. It makes it easier to put on and take off shoes and at the same time prevents dirt and dust from entering the cleanroom. A sitover bench often has an integrated shoe compartment. It is made of the appropriate material depending on the requirements of the cleanroom.

A cleanroom adhesive mat is used in the personnel airlock to prevent dirt and dust from entering the cleanroom. The adhesive mat traps fine dust and other contaminants, providing reliable protection against fine dirt in controlled areas.

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