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Permanent mat

  • For display in access and entrance areas
  • Reduces dust and germ contamination
  • Material: styrene-butadion compound
  • Durable adhesive effect
  • No release of plasticizers and chemical substances
  • Good visibility of the degree of soiling due to dark blue base colour
  • Easy cleaning with detergents and disinfectants
  • Non-slip material
  • Installation without brackets or special subfloors
  • Blue, 3 mm high
Sku: 8007.5.672
Cleanroom permanent mats with a permanent adhesive effect

Clean room mats are laid out in front of the clean room in the access areas. The self-adhesive properties remove dust and dirt from the soles of shoes. Permanent mats are cleaned with common cleaners and retain their adhesive properties for several years if used properly.

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