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Whistleblower system

SCHILLING ENGINEERING GmbH whistleblower system

Clarifying violations with the help of a whistleblower system

SCHILLING ENGINEERING GmbH does not tolerate any violations of the Code of Conduct and the laws and company guidelines mentioned therein. In particular, this includes any unauthorized conduct in the areas of data protection, corruption, antitrust law and the prevention of money laundering. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees, managers and business partners.

SCHILLING ENGINEERING GmbH will investigate all indications of potential and past violations of regulations, attempt to clarify the violation and then take follow-up measures to prevent violations of this kind in the future. All of this is done in accordance with the provisions of data protection, labor law and the applicable co-determination laws.

What is a violation?

A violation is in particular any behavior that is contrary to our Code of Conduct, the applicable laws or the company guidelines and is caused intentionally or negligently during the performance of professional activities for the company.

Mere complaints from employees or customers do not constitute information within the meaning of the whistleblower system. You are welcome to send such reports to the following e-mail address:


How can you submit reports?

If you become aware of reasonable grounds for suspicion that indicate a breach of regulations, you have various options for reporting this.

If you wish to report a violation, our external partner is available to you as a reporting office with a confidential, optionally anonymized procedure. Data protection is guaranteed during the transmission and processing of the report. Dokuworks is responsible for ensuring that the identity of the whistleblower is protected for all information that is forwarded to the responsible person in the company.

A web-based reporting channel is also available as a further simple option for submitting reports.

Contact details

External partner (dokuworks GmbH):

Whistleblower e-mail:

Telephone number: 0271 / 77237-60

Web-based reporting channel

We also offer a web-based channel through which both confidential and anonymous reports are possible. You can submit a report securely via the website and have the option of tracking the status of the procedure and getting in touch with a contact person at any time.

You can access the whistleblower system via the following link:

External reporting office

Another option for submitting reports is the external reporting office at the Federal Office of Justice. However, we would like to point out that we endeavor to clarify incidents in our company as quickly and successfully as possible. To this end, an internal report is generally advantageous for us.

What should reports look like?

In order for the report to be processed properly, certain information must be included in the report to the whistleblower system. This includes which company the incident occurred at, who is accused of the violation, what the person did, when the incident occurred, how it actually happened and where it happened.

At best, you should be available for further questions afterwards so that the facts of the case can be fully recorded.

The whistleblower does not incur any costs or suffer any sanctions under employment law or other consequences as a result of reporting a tip-off. However, it should be noted that in the event of clearly recognizable and intentional damage to the reputation of the company and/or individual persons, the anonymization of the data can be lifted in order to report this to the police.

What is the procedure?

Once you have submitted your report via our whistleblower system, we will send you a confirmation of receipt within seven days. The facts of the case will then be investigated. It may be necessary to clarify further questions with you in order to fully record the case. This can be done anonymously, securely and quickly using the software. Our aim is to successfully resolve the incident. This may involve interviewing employees and reviewing documents or emails. Once the case has been clarified, measures can be initiated to prevent similar incidents from occurring again. As a whistleblower, you will then receive feedback on the procedure or at the latest three months after receipt of your report.