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Modular cleanroom

To protect components and parts from contamination by dust and dirt, a modular cleanroom (Clean not Certified cleanroom) is the optimal solution. With our CleanEasyCell cleanroom, you quickly obtain a controlled, closed environment. An individual modular system with self-assembly and operationally efficient filter performance meeting all requirements for cleanroom ISO 8 class and VDA 19. Our modular cleanroom will ensure consistent and defined technical cleanlinessat a very attractive price.

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With a modular CNC cleanroom from Schilling Engineering, you get a clean production environment quickly and easily. The modular system is supplied in prefabricated elements for self-assembly. We will be happy to advise you on finding the right system for you. Simply send us an enquiry or feel free to call us.

Flexible sizes: 3.5m/5.5m wide; 2.5m-20.5m long
Thanks to the modular elements, the modular system can be built up in 100 cm steps to your desired size. Completely without supports!
Your modular cleanroom grows with you. All elements can be dismantled non-destructively and reused for conversions and extensions.
The cleanrooms can be assembled by yourself according to the assembly instructions and put into operation immediately.
Internal airlocks can be freely positioned in the clean room without any problems.
Getting the CNC cleanrooms up and running is simple. Plug in, switch on and get started.
Quick delivery
Our standard sizes are available from stock or can be manufactured within a short time. Thus, even short-term projects can be realized for you.

Modular cleanroom CleanEasyCell
at a glance

  • Modular system for cleanrooms according to VDA 19 and cleanroom ISO 8
  • Cleanliness level 2 for CNC cleanrooms
  • Complete kit for fast commissioning
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Easy assembly due to detachable plug-in connections
  • Self-supporting wall elements
  • Overpressure control through sliding grille
  • Internal airlocks can be integrated as preferred
  • Flexible expansion options
  • Fast delivery Plug and Play

Modular construction system for self-assembly

CleanEasyCell - Modular Cleanrooms

CleanEasyCell - Modular Cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms
your advantages

Procedure when purchasing your modular cleanroom
Our first priority is safety with regard to processes, people and the product. That is why we are always at your side to provide advice, from the planning stage right through to the maintenance of the CNC modular cleanroom:

  1. Initial discussion and determination of requirements
  2. Individual assembly of the cleanroom using a modular system
  3. Dispatch of all components and assembly instructions for self-assembly
  4. Regular maintenance

Simple assembly with modular cleanroom system 
Our newly developed, standardised modular cleanroom system contains everything necessary for operation. This allows you to assemble your cleanroom according to your individual needs. The modular elements of our cleanroom are prepared and delivered individually for you. Thanks to the self-supporting structure, you do not need a steel construction or a load-bearing ceiling for your "room in a room" system; a normal industrial floor is sufficient as a subfloor. Simply set it up and get started.

Technical cleanliness fulfilled
Technical cleanliness describes the sufficiently low contamination by harmful particles in cleanliness-sensitive components or processes. Schilling Engineering's cleanrooms meet all the requirements for cleanrooms in accordance with VDA 19 on technical cleanliness. Furthermore, our cleanrooms can be assigned to cleanroom class ISO 8. Our modular system allows you to completely isolate sensitive work processes and therefore has cleanliness level 2 for cleanrooms (SaS2).


Cleanrooms are enclosed, controlled production environments in industrial manufacturing. They protect sensitive components and parts from loss of quality due to dust and dirt.

With "VDA19.2 - Technical cleanliness in assembly", the German Association of the Automotive Industry published a guideline in 2010 that classifies different levels of cleanliness. The aim of this guideline is to help users to avoid critical particle contamination in sensitive areas.

Clean rooms and cleanrooms differ primarily in the definition of the permitted particle sizes. The tolerances regarding particle content and particle sizes are less strict than in cleanrooms. In cleanrooms, particle sizes of up to 600 micrometers are tolerated on components.  Particle sizes are usually assessed on a product-specific basis. Inorganic and metallic particles in particular should be monitored and controlled from a size of 20 micrometers. These macro particles are particularly dangerous for the products to be manufactured and can cause considerable quality losses.

The construction costs of a cleanroom are significantly lower than those of a cleanroom due to the less complex filter and ventilation technology.

Technical cleanliness is an important aspect for the quality and function of technical components that are sensitive to particle contamination. Technical cleanliness is a defined level of unavoidable particle contamination that may be present at most - for example on the surface of a component. Particles can come from various sources, such as production, assembly, cleaning, packaging or transportation. They can impair or even prevent the performance, safety or service life of components. To avoid this, measures must be taken to prevent, minimize or remove particles along the entire value chain.
Technical cleanliness is primarily concerned with particles in the size range of 15 to 1000 micrometers. There are various standards and guidelines that define the requirements and methods for testing and ensuring technical cleanliness, such as VDA Volumes 19 and 19 Part 2 for the automotive industry. Cleanliness-sensitive products are manufactured, processed or packaged in a clean room or in a clean room in accordance with DIN ISO 14644 1 as part of so-called clean manufacturing.

Cleanrooms are used in the specialized manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive industry, to avoid quality losses due to particle contamination. Cleanrooms are also used in medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry, the optical industry and in electronics. The requirements for these controlled environments are similar to those for a cleanroom, except that the standards are not as strict and the cleanroom is not audited.

All components of the cleanroom are delivered to you prefabricated. We have the necessary elements in stock and can implement your wishes very quickly. On site, the components are assembled simply and ready to plug in according to the assembly instructions within a few hours and can be put into operation immediately. Plug and play self-assembly - an ideal solution if you need a controlled environment quickly.

Our modular cleanroom can be converted or extended very easily. All modules such as ceilings, walls, doors and windows can be dismantled and reinstalled without being destroyed. The elements of the cleanroom are precisely matched to each other and can be reordered and adapted to your new requirements. This gives you a high level of investment security for future developments.

Why we are the right partner for you

We are fit for the future.
Our family business is already in its second generation. So you can continue to count on us in the future and in the long term.

We work sustainably.
Over the years, we have trimmed our technology for maximum energy efficiency. Through modularity, our systems are also sustainably designed for adaptations and expansions in the future.

We offer security.
Our first priority is safety in terms of processes, people and the product. In doing so, we seek the ideal balance between state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering in every project.