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Modular CNC and Cleanrooms

To protect components and parts from contamination by dust and dirt, a clean non classified (CNC) area is a very good solution. Our CleanEasyCell cleanroom creates a controlled, enclosed environment. Cleanliness requirements according to VDA 19 for technical cleanliness in industrial production and the Cleanroom Class ISO 8 are met throughout.  

The newly developed standardized modular system contains everything necessary for operation. A fast assembly and operationally efficient filter performance ensure consistent, defined cleanliness at a very reasonable price.




  • Modular system for cleanroom cabins up to cleanroom class ISO-8
  • Complete kit for easy installation and quick commissioning
  • Ceiling elements with integrated filter fan units (ULPA 15)
  • LED surface-mounted lights (500 lux)
  • Flexible wireless push-buttons (light switch optics) for operating FFU and light
  • Overpressure control via sliding grille
  • Modular construction
  • Flexible expansion options

Width: 5.5 meters (fixed)
Height: 2.5 meters (optionally 3.0 meters)
Length: 2.5 to 14.5 meters (in 100 cm steps)

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