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CNC Cleanroom

To protect components and parts from contamination by dust and dirt, a CNC cleanroom (Clean not certified cleanroom) is a very good solution.
Our CleanEasyCell cleanroom creates a controlled, enclosed environment.Cleanliness requirements according to VDA 19 for technical cleanliness in industrial production and cleanroom class ISO 8 are met throughout. Our standardized modular system contains everything required for operation. A  fast self assembly and operationally favorable filter performance ensure consistent cleanliness at a very good price.

Request CNC cleanroom

With a CNC cleanroom from Schilling Engineering, you can quickly and easily obtain a clean production environment.  The modular construction system is delivered in prefabricated elements for self-assembly. We will be happy to advise you on finding the right system for you. Simply send us an enquiry or feel free to call us. 

Standard sizes: 2x2m - 4x3m - 5x3m
We have already put together three practical standard sizes for you, including filter fan units and integrated lighting.
If your clean production environment does need to be larger, simply connect several cleanroom tents to create a larger cleanroom.
These cleanroom tents - in modular design with a standardised plug-in system - can be erected by yourself and put into operation immediately.
Our small tent (2x2m) is also ideal as a personnel airlock, which we are also happy to supply fully equipped with airlock equipment as an option.

Cleanroom tent CleanFlowCell
at a glance

  • Cleanroom classes ISO 5-9 and GMP C,D
  • Optimum integration of machines
  • Easy access from all sides
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Central control
  • Easily movable cleanroom curtains
  • Fixed walls (optional)
  • Movable on castors (optional)
  • Fast delivery
  • Plug and Play

Cleanroom tents CleanFlowCell
your advantages

Procedure when purchasing your cleanroom
Our first priority is safety with regard to processes, people and the product. That is why we are always at your side to provide advice, from the planning stage right through to the maintenance of the CNC Cleanroom:

  1. Initial discussion and determination of requirements
  2. Individual assembly of the cleanroom using a modular system
  3. Dispatch of all components and assembly instructions for self-assembly
  4. Regular maintenance

Simple assembly with modular system 
Our newly developed, standardised modular system contains everything necessary for operation. This allows you to assemble your cleanroom according to your individual needs. The modular elements of our cleanroom are prepared and delivered individually for you. Thanks to the self-supporting structure, you do not need a steel construction or a load-bearing ceiling for your "room in a room" system; a normal industrial floor is sufficient as a subfloor. Simply set it up and get started.

Technical cleanliness fulfilled
Technical cleanliness describes the sufficiently low contamination by harmful particles in cleanliness-sensitive components or processes. Schilling Engineering's cleanrooms meet all the requirements for cleanrooms in accordance with VDA 19 on technical cleanliness. Furthermore, our cleanrooms can be assigned to cleanroom class ISO 8. Our modular system allows you to completely isolate sensitive work processes and therefore has cleanliness level 2 for cleanrooms (SaS2).

Alle Bauteile des Sauberraumes werden vorgefertigt an Sie geliefert. Wir haben die nötigen Elemente auf Lager und können Ihre Wünsche sehr schnell umsetzen. Vor Ort werden die Bauteile nach Bauanleitung einfach und steckerfertig montiert und können sofort in Betrieb genommen werden. Plug and Play im Eigenaufbau - eine ideale Lösung, wenn Sie zeitnah eine kontrollierte Umgebung benötigen.

Mit der Wahl der modularen Wände, Türen und Fenster definieren Sie die Transparenz und Zugänglichkeit des Sauberraumes. Über Einstellgitter kontrollieren Sie den Druck und Überströmungen. Um den Rest brauchen Sie sich nicht zu kümmern. Wir gewährleisten eine hohe Verfügbarkeit und Zuverlässigkeit.

Schaffen Sie sich mehr Möglichkeiten und bleiben Sie flexibel. Unser modularer Sauberraum kann sehr einfach umgebaut oder erweitert werden. Alle Module wie Decken, Wände, Türen und Fenster können zerstörungsfrei abgebaut und wieder eingesetzt werden. Die Elemente des  Sauberraums sind genau aufeinander abgestimmt und können nachbestellt und von Ihnen auf Ihre neuen Anforderungen angepasst werden. Dies gibt Ihnen eine hohe Investitionssicherheit für zukünftige Entwicklungen.

Why we are the right partner for you

We are fit for the future.
Our family business is currently in the process of being successfully handed over to the next generation. You can therefore also count on us in the future and in the long term.

We work sustainably.
Over the years, we have trimmed our technology for maximum energy efficiency. Through modularity, our systems are also sustainably designed for adaptations and expansions in the future.

We offer security.
Our first priority is safety in terms of processes, people and the product. In doing so, we seek the ideal balance between state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering in every project.