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Laminar flow unit -
injection moulding and more

The production of plastics in medical technology and for pharmaceutical packaging requires a controlled production process according to legal requirements. The moulded parts must be protected from airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria or dust and abrasion particles during the manufacturing process.

The CleanFlowCell® laminar flow unit prevents contamination during the injection moulding process by means of targeted air ducts. They can be flexibly mounted on all common injection moulding machines. For a mould change, the laminar flow element is simply pushed to the side.

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Laminar flow units at a glance

  • Space-saving machine attachment
  • Targeted air flows
  • Variable size adjustment
  • Sliding module
  • Easy mould change
  • Long-life ULPA 15 high-performance filters

Safe production for pharmaceuticals and medical technology

The requirements for the manufacture of products in the pharmaceutical industry and in the medical sector are very high. The trend for injection moulded parts in medical technology is towards ever smaller dimensions, more precise shapes and excellent surfaces. You can meet the increasing demands in the manufacturing process with the customised laminar flow units as an attachment for injection moulding machines or hollow blow moulding machines.

Why a laminar flow unit?

When a plastic part is manufactured that is intended for use on humans, such as a component of an implant, it must be kept as clean as possible. This applies to all production processes in the manufacture of medical technology products. There is a risk of contamination from airborne particles such as viruses and bacteria, dust and pollen grains, abrasion particles or even the smallest drops of grease.

A laminar flow unit protects against these contaminations by keeping the airborne impurities away from production by means of laminar flow

How does the manufacturing process with the laminar flow unit work?

Not the entire manufacturing process of the injection-moulded components takes place in the closed, actual clean room. Since the heat loads and abrasion from the injection moulding machines jeopardise the purity of the air in a clean room, a two-part solution to the process has proven successful.

  1. The injection moulding machines are set up outside the cleanroom and fitted with a laminar flow unit. This laminar flow element contains a filter fan unit that feeds filtered "clean" air into the clamping unit area. In particular, the nozzle area of the injection moulding machine must be reached by the air conduction in order to achieve controlled air purity during the injection process.
  2. The injected plastic parts are then fed fully automatically via encapsulated cleanroom conveyor belts into the actual cleanroom, where final assembly, final inspection and packaging take place. The mostly double-packed articles (the inner packaging thus remains protected during transport) are discharged via a cleanroom airlock and find their way safely to the end user.

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