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Cleanrooms and cleanroom laboratories are closed systems in which the particle concentration of the ambient air is reduced to a low, non-critical level.  By removing harmful particles and microorganisms, a significantly higher quality and safety for products and processes is achieved. With our modular cleanroom systems, you achieve a controlled and qualified environment in accordance with ISO 14644 or GMP that is precisely tailored to your requirements. Including air-conditioning technology and monitoring and with maximum energy efficiency.


CleanCell4.0® cleanroom systems are designed for modern production processes. They comply with ISO standard 14644-1 and combine low-particle production with modern control technology. A large number of sensitive products in the high-tech industry can only be manufactured under cleanroom conditions. Even the smallest particle deposits lead to quality losses and functional failures. This applies, for example, to tiny and sensitive components in industrial applications such as electronics, the semiconductor industry or microtechnology.



Products intended for the medical sector have particularly high quality and hygiene requirements. SCHILLING ENGINEERING focuses on medical technology with the CleanMediCell® cleanroom system developed in-house. Especially in medical and pharmaceutical plastics processing and injection moulding production, our cleanroom production lines with conveyor and airlock technology ensure safe processes.
CleanMediCell cleanroom systems are classified according to ISO standard 14644-1 and provide extra safety with special seals and increased filter performance.


In the areas of pharmaceutical and biotechnical processing, the demands on cleanroom technology are the highest. Hazards due to contamination with germs, microorganisms and harmful substances must be reliably excluded at all times. Our GMP cleanroom systems and CleanSteriCell® cleanroom laboratories meet these requirements. With our cleanroom monitoring, the strict legal standards for product and personal protection are seamlessly complied with and monitored.