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Cleanroom Systems

With over 25 years of experience, SCHILLING ENGINEERING is one of the leading specialists in the development and realisation of cleanrooms. You can achieve a controlled and qualified environment in accordance with ISO-14644 or GMP that is precisely tailored to your requirements with our modular cleanroom systems and cleanroom laboratories of the CleanCell series. The system solutions are extremely reliable, equipped with the latest recirculation and air-conditioning technology and ensure absolute safety for your sensitive production.


Individual clean room

With a cleanroom from Schilling Engineering, you get exactly what you need for your production process. We will plan your suitable cleanroom system in accordance with your requirements. Simply send us an non-binding request with some key data or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you!

"Room in room" in any size
Our CleanCell system is precisely adapted to your location and requirements. Due to the self-supporting structure of the clean room system, you do not need a steel construction or a load-bearing ceiling for your "room within a room".
Investment security through flexible extensions
Schilling Engineering's cleanrooms are modular in design. This means you can convert or expand your cleanroom at any time and also bring in larger machines. Even an upgrade to a better cleanroom class is possible.  
Simple operation
A clear and central control system is the heart of your cleanroom. You can make and monitor the cleanroom system settings, measurements and monitoring via a single touch screen.
Full view
Thanks to our fully glazed recirculation walls, you always have a view of your production inside the clean room. And your employees will enjoy the open feeling of space and a natural incidence of light. Your cleanroom will be a real eye-catcher!
Reduced energy costs and CO2
CleanCell cleanroom systems have lower energy consumption than comparable systems. Innovative recirculation technology and an energy management system reduce your operating costs and CO2 emissions.
Minimal maintenance, high availability
Long service lives of the main filters ensure high reliability of the clean air intake. Critical elements, such as the air-conditioning technology, are maintained outside and entry into the clean room for maintenance is minimised.

Cleanroom system CleanCell
at a glance

  • Cleanroom classes ISO 5-9 and GMP B,C,D
  • Modular, flexible construction
  • Self-supporting basic structure
  • Fully integrated air circulation walls
  • Doors with LED visualisation
  • Airlock concepts with furnishing
  • Central control and monitoring system
  • Energy-optimised system with air-conditioning technology
  • Installation including qualification
  • Turnkey handover

A pure solution
for every application

Cleanroom system for industrial production

A large number of sensitive products in the high-tech industry can only be manufactured under cleanroom conditions. Our CleanCell4.0 cleanroom system is used where even the smallest impurities endanger industrial production. With modern control technology, the cleanrooms meet the requirements of cleanroom classes ISO 5 to ISO 9. The systems are suitable for high-tech areas of electronics, the semiconductor industry, microtechnology, optics and much more.

Clean room system for medical technology

Products intended for the medical sector have particularly high quality and hygiene requirements. We recommend our CleanMediCell cleanroom system for use in the particularly sensitive area of medical technology with ISO classes 5-8. They provide extra safety with special seals and increased filter performance. For contamination-free plastics production, our laminar flow attachments and special conveyor technology complement a controlled and automated process of injection moulding or hollow blow moulding production.

GMP clean room for germ-free processes

In the demanding areas of pharmaceutical processing, in laboratories and pharmacies, the requirements for cleanrooms are particularly high. The GMP cleanroom system  CleanSteriCell  guarantees compliance with the strict legal standards for product and personal protection. Our cleanroom laboratories comply with GMP cleanroom classes B, C and D and prevent contamination by germs, spores and microbiological contamination. Our cleanrooms are also used for germ-free processes in food technology and cosmetics.

Why we are the right partner for you?

We are fit for the future.
Our family business is currently in the process of being successfully handed over to the next generation. You can therefore count on us in the future and in the long term.

We work sustainably.
Over the years, we have trimmed our technology for maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to modularity, our systems are also sustainably designed for adaptations and expansions in the future.

We offer safety.
Our first priority is safety in terms of processes, people and the product. In each project, we seek the ideal balance between state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering.