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Our team of qualified service technicians takes care of the after-sales service of your cleanroom systems. We offer expert maintenance and inspections throughout Europe to ensure the long-term functionality of your cleanroom system.

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We are happy to carry out maintenance and filter changes for your cleanroom systems and laminar flow workstations. Optimized route planning for our service technicians means that the travel costs charged are kept as low as possible. 
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Our service
Our service technicians carry out professional maintenance of your cleanroom systems on site:

- System maintenance
- Filter change
- Function test
- Measurements
Remote maintenance
We can set up remote maintenance for the control of your cleanroom system on request:

- Remote maintenance
- Fast error correction
- Technical support
- hotline


Cleanroom maintenance ensures that the cleanroom meets the specific requirements for the cleanroom class. To ensure a smooth production process, the functionality of the cleanroom system should be checked regularly and the filters changed. This can drastically reduce the risk of the system breaking down and significantly extend its service life. We recommend an annual inspection of your system.


Clean room maintenance
Your advantages at a glance

  • Expertise from experienced service technicians
  • Pro-rata travel costs due to bundled assignments
  • Main filter change at a fixed price
  • Cleanroom-compatible operations
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Quick troubleshooting

Why are we the right partner for you?

We are fit for the future.
Our family business is already in its second generation. So you can continue to count on us in the future and in the long term.

We work sustainably.
Over the years, we have trimmed our technology for maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to their modularity, our systems are also sustainably geared towards adaptations and expansions in the future.

We offer safety.
Our top priority is safety in terms of processes, people and the product. For every project, we seek the ideal balance between state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering.