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Is clean room technology a "foreign word" for you? Not for us!

Depending on the industry and application, different technical and design requirements pertain; the size and quality of a clean room should be adapted precisely to the process needed. The success and efficiency of a cleanroom system depend primarily on the quality of planning in advance.

We can look back on decades of experience in clean room projects in a wide variety of industries, offering you independent, professional consulting for your investment decisions.

We would be happy to provide you with the engineering of your cleanroom concept. Our specialised engineers know the specific requirements for processes in the clean room and product custom clean room designs using the latest state of the art.

Machining of clean room concepts

  • Layout planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Detailed engineering
  • Zone concepts, ventilation concepts
  • Process, material and personnel flow plans
  • Clean room appropriate custom design
  • Compliance with requirements for operational and personal hygiene
  • GMP designs
  • GMP-compliant documentation
  • Design qualification DQ
  • 3D planning
  • Modifications, expansions, optimisation, new construction
  • Realistic cost estimates, feasibility calculations, operating costs
  • Process, material and personnel flow
  • Legal requirements, standards and conditions
  • Process requirements, integration of production systems
  • Required clean room classes and sizes
  • Climatic requirements for an undisturbed process
  • Structural requirements and prerequisites