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Rental tent

Cleanroom cabins create a demarcated work area that is protected from contamination. The cabins can be set up quickly and flexibly and within a few minutes reach a safe environment that meets the requirements of the cleanroom classes. 

If you only need a cleanroom for a short period of time, a rental cabin is a good option. Renting can also make an investment decision easier for a test phase of cleanroom production; we offer you a purchase option after three months of use.

Sku: 5000.4.276-021
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Product features

  • Modular cleanroom tent for easy assembly 
  • PVC film curtains (3 sides) and lamellar curtains (1 side)
  • U15 UPLA high-performance laminar flow modules
  • Integrated LED cleanroom lights
  • Glass touch control panel
  • Overflow zones near the floor
  • Optional mobile version on four running castors
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