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20 years of Schilling Engineering - cleanroom technology for the whole of Europe

In its 20-year history, Schilling Engineering has set milestones and is now one of the leading specialists in cleanroom technology throughout Europe. The innovative company has just been nominated for the second time in a row for the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes", Germany's most important business award.

This nomination stands for itself, because only companies that are outstanding in every respect have a chance to be awarded this coveted prize. Günther Schilling, founder and managing director of Schilling Engineering GmbH, has truly achieved outstanding things over the past 20 years. He is a prime example of what can grow from a brilliant product idea, technical know-how, courage and great commitment. In 1998, Günther Schilling laid the foundation for his current company in his garage at home in Klettgau. There, supported by his wife Gerda Schilling, he tinkered with ways to create a low-particle production environment. "Clean, sterile ambient air was needed in many industries, I had gained experience myself in the industrial production of CDs and was confronted with this problem there," recalls entrepreneur Günther Schilling, "there were simply no well thought-out cleanroom solutions on the market. That awakened my ambition. My vision was to develop a modular turn-key system that could be individually tailored to customers' needs." Günther Schilling pursued this goal very successfully.

Just one year after founding the company, he launched a fully automated sterile production cell. This was followed in 2000 by Germany's first modular "room-in-room" cleanroom system, for which Günther Schilling was awarded the Rotary Innovation Prize. In 2006, Schilling Engineering moved into a 1700 square metre new building in the Horheim industrial estate. 
In the meantime, Günther Schilling employed ten people. He tirelessly continued to develop cleanroom technology. The product range was constantly expanded and adapted to customer requirements and a wide
different areas of application. "The market was getting bigger and bigger, the demand for cleanroom systems offered enormous potential, which we knew how to exploit. We established ourselves above all as a competent
We established ourselves as a competent partner for turnkey solutions, where we deliver everything from planning to production to qualification individually for each customer from a single source.

Report: Sandra Holzwarth
This article was published: Südkurier 15.09.2018