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You don't know exactly which cleanroom workstation you need?

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Live demo of a functional clean room station with flow box from Schilling Engineering.
The flow box makes work in the cleanroom easier.
Illustration of a workstation with flow box in a clean room.
View of several workstations in a cleanroom with cleanroom chairs.
Application of a II-VI laser at a Schilling Engineering workstation.
Employees have enough space to work in a clean room with a flow box.
The laminar flow box ensures sterile cleanliness in the cleanroom.
Different sizes
Our laminar flow hoods are available in various standard sizes. If you need a special dimension, we also manufacture special designs.
Our laminar flow modules are as uncomplicated as can be. Plug it in, switch it on and get started.
Quick delivery
Our standard sizes for flow hoods are available from stock or can be manufactured within a short time. Thus, even short-term projects can be realized for you.
Flexible combining
Laminar flow hoods are ideal for use within existing cleanrooms. This makes it very easy to create small areas with the highest cleanliness conditions up to ISO5.

Aluminum laminar flow hood

Our laminar flow hood and workbench convince with a compact design that can be modified according to your requirements. With cleanroom-compatible aluminum profiles and glass side panels, the laminar flow hood can be flexibly adapted to your requirements in terms of size and equipment. It meets all requirements of ISO cleanroom class 5 as well as GMP class A and B. The laminar flow hood is therefore optimally suited for your GMP applications. Especially in the areas of pharmaceutical production or analytical and chemical processes, the use of a laminar flow cabinet made of aluminum is of high user comfort.


Melamine laminar flow hood

Particularly practical are our compact flow hoods made of melamine, which can be put into immediate use as vertical laminar flow cabinet. They provide a controlled work surface for applications that require a sterile work area, while preventing contamination through a constant filtered air flow across the laminar flow hood. With the tabletop and the vertical laminar flow, you can quickly achieve ambient air that meets ISO 5 cleanroom class requirements. Of course, we also supply the matching cleanroom tables if required.


Flow hood CleanProCel
Your advantages at a glance

  • Safe laminar flow according to ISO 5
  • Compact cleanroom workstations
  • Clean air in a small space
  • No complicated setup
  • Simple commissioning - plug and play
  • Quiet design of the high-performance filters (< 50 dB(A))
  • LED cleanroom lights

Why we are the right partner for you

We are fit for the future.
Our family business is currently in the process of being successfully handed over to the next generation. You can therefore count on us in the future and in the long term.

We work sustainably.
Over the years, we have trimmed our technology for maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to their modularity, our systems are also sustainably designed for adaptations and expansions in the future.

We offer safety.
Our first priority is safety in terms of processes, people and the product. In each project, we seek the ideal balance between state-of-the-art technologies and proven engineering.