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CleanCell 4.0 – Intelligent and efficient cleanroom system

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The new cleanroom system CleanCell4.0® combines low-particle production with modern information technology and consumes far less energy than comparable cleanroom systems.

The smart system links air conditioning, monitoring and customer-side process systems. Smart devices allow the settings to be made from any location or via remote service.

The brand new development is a usage-based control of the entire cleanroom system, which regulates the required clean air supply depending on utilisation and the measured degree of contamination. Further considerable savings is made possible through integrated heat recovery and equipment with dimmable GMP-compliant LED lighting.

The interplay between innovative air circulation technology, high-quality seals and low-maintenance components makes the clean rooms extremely safe and efficient. Wall and ceiling elements of the modular cleanroom system are connected to a patented silicone-free GMP Sealing-Clip System, which offers the advantage of flexible expansion or removal options.

Each cleanroom project is planned according to customer requirements and adapted to individual production processes and spatial conditions.

[Translate to English:] partikelarme Produktion mit moderner Informationstechnik
[Translate to English:] Das neue Reinraumsystem CleanCell4.0® verbindet eine partikelarme Produktion mit moderner Informationstechnik.