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GS Swiss PCB - Expansion of cleanroom capacity during operation

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GS Swiss PCB AG manufactures highly miniaturized printed circuit boards. The Swiss high-tech company is a leading manufacturer of substrates that is characterized by a high level of miniaturization and integration capability. The continuing trend towards ever more highly integrated and thinner printed circuit boards demands the highest precision. Critical process steps are therefore performed under clean room conditions. GS Swiss has again expanded its cleanroom capacity and has put additional cleanrooms of SCHILING ENGINEERING into operation. A 40 m² cleanroom system of ISO cleanroom classes 5 and 6 was installed for a new sputter system. Another 130 m² cleanroom is used for the production of multilayers and complies with the conditions of ISO cleanroom classes 7 and 8.

A special requirement during the planning and installation of the new cleanroom system was to make optimal use of the space available in the existing production. The production of the multilayers was not interrupted during the construction of the clean room, but was postponed to night time in order to avoid excessive production losses. The new cleanroom system was installed around the existing production without removing the existing machines, conveyors and connections of the production line from the room. This was a great challenge for our engineers and service technicians, which was managed very well in good coordination with the colleagues from GS Swiss. The new cleanrooms now ensure an even more uncompromising quality in the complex and high-precision production of the miniaturized printed circuit boards.

[Translate to English:] Der vollverglaste Arbeitsvorbereitungsraum der neuen Sputter-Anlage erfüllt die ISO-Reinraumklasse 5
[Translate to English:] Multilayer Herstellung, Reinraumsystem CleanCell4.0® der ISO-Reinraumklasse 7
[Translate to English:] Der Reinraum für die Multilayer Produktion wurde um die bestehende Produktionslinie geplant