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Mobile filter unit reduces virus contamination in schools

Filter Fan Unit "WINDfried" improves air quality in schools and public spaces

The Corona Pandemic still bothers us more than we would like. The local school of our community now had the idea if our high performance filters could not also contribute to the improvement of the air quality in the school. Actually at home in the very controlled world of cleanroom technology, we then designed a filter unit that moves on wheels and can easily be plugged into any household plug to start operation. The filter box has a ULPA 15 filter that filters particles down to 0.12µm from the air - the Covid-19 virus has a size of about 0.16µm. However, the viruses do not occur sporadically anyway, but are bound to droplets in the form of aerosols and can therefore be caught by high-performance filters. Since the ULPA 15 filters also work very quietly, noise pollution during lessons was not a problem. However, we were actually surprised by the results of the particle measurement that we usually carry out to control the particle concentration in our qualified clean rooms. This time, the measurement was carried out in normally equipped rooms and with up to 23 students during operation. The result was even more pleasing: the viral contamination could be reduced by a factor of 10 by using the filter box.  Measurements at other schools confirmed the results and were so positive that we are now offering the filter box, which we named "WINDfried", to other interested customers.

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