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Cleanroom systems for industrial applications

CleanCell 4.0®

Cleanrooms for industrial applications, ISO 14644

CleanCell4.0® cleanroom systems combine low-particle production with modern control technology. They meet the requirements of the cleanroom classes according to ISO 14644-1 and are used in industrial applications where even the smallest impurities endanger sensitive production. These include, for example, nano and micro technology, the optical and electronics industry, the semiconductor, wafer, automotive, aviation, laser, solar, display and surface technology sectors.

Our in-house developed cleanrooms are customised and optimally adapted to your requirements and spatial conditions. The system solutions are extremely reliable and equipped with the latest technology and high-quality materials.


  • Free-standing "room-within-room" system
  • Modular design for flexible conversion and expansion
  • Fully glazed doors and walls with LED visualization
  • Touchscreen control and integrated monitoring
  • Energy-efficient air circulation and air conditioning technology

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