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High-end particle counter

  • 1cfm laser diode sensor, 28.3 L/min
  • 16 particle size channels freely selectable
  • Access authorization concept with password protection
  • Internal measurement data memory for 50,000 measurements
  • USB host for FFD or memory stick for subsequent evaluation of the measurement data, especially when operating at different measurement locations.
  • CAN-BUS interface enables network management of up to 32 particle sensors (slaves) without additional hardware
  • Ethernet remote diagnosis management
  • Control of a measuring point switch
  • Connection options for temperature, humidity, differential pressure and air velocity sensors
  • Large format display with touch screen function and clear menu navigation
  • GMP-compliant design
  • Weight approx. 10 kg
  • Thermal printer 58mm

Optionally available:
Hard-shell case PELI, Art. No. 8007.5.194

Sku: 8003.5.747
Cleanroom high-end laser particle counter ACS Plus 128, GMP compliant

Optional products

Cleanroom measuring devices are used for the qualification of cleanrooms and for quality control of the room air. Particle counters are used to monitor the number and strength of particles in cleanrooms. Laser technology is used to detect and record the smallest contamination from airborne particles. The measurements of the particle concentration are used for qualification and monitoring. Air measuring devices measure other parameters such as air speed, temperature and relative humidity and enable constant cleanroom conditions to be maintained.

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