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1,000 cleanroom projects

We almost missed it... we recorded a very special milestone last month.


Our 1,000th individual cleanroom project was created as a project number.

Individual projects means tailored to the customer, planned by our technicians and created as a parts list for assembly. So commercial goods and standard products are not part of it.

1,000 projects, from smaller tents to over 1,000 square metres of air-conditioned clean rooms, we can look back on the last few years with pride.


What does this have to do with buns? Quite simple.

The 1,000 project was commissioned by a large bakery. The packaging of bread rolls in an ISO-8 clean room will allow for a better shelf life of the goods.
We planned a clean room with a sliding door and foil curtains, which requires a special air supply because of the heat loads generated during baking. 

Quite individual.  That's how we like it.

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