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Education partner of nine schools

The company Schilling Engineering has officially signed an educational sponsorship with nine schools from the region. The company provides the students with a wide range of information opportunities as well as practical and extremely helpful orientation offers.

On the initiative of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the agreement between the state of Baden-Württemberg and the regional economy with the aim of "Every school a partner company" was already concluded in 2008.

At a media event, the company's representative, Gerda Schilling, former principal of the GMS Klettgau, presented a well-founded program for interested students that goes far beyond the provision of internships.

Essentially, the program covers the four areas of business exploration, this being job and topic-oriented, internships, career presentation and application training. The last mentioned includes, for example: "etiquette" in the company, preparing written applications, mastering job interviews, right up to the simulation of an application with feedback.

Schilling Engineering can offer apprenticeships in the fields of mechatronics, technical drawing as well as in the commercial sector. From this point of view, the company is a highly interesting partner for students and schools in equal measure, which is also intended to counteract the development of the shortage of skilled workers.

With the presentation of the certificates of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Hochrhein-Bodensee, represented by Julia Brombacher (fourth from right), the educational partnership between the company Schilling Engineering, represented by Gerda Schilling (sixth from right), and the nine schools from the region is sealed. x Source: Eva Baumgartner, Südkurier online, 12.03.2020