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Mobile air filter unit

Sku: 5004.4.080
Mobile air filter unit

Our air filter unit filters the room air with an 'Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter' at the highest level and blows out filtered sterile air.

The high-performance filter  has a very quiet running performance. The enclosure reduces the noise level to < 43 db(A).

  • Particle retention capacity: 99.9995%
  • Particle size down to 120 nanometers
  • Air volume: 1100 m³/h
  • Dimensions 1450x670x600 mm
  • Particularly quiet operation < 43 db(A)
  • Air filters and pre-filters can be ordered separately

We recommend to use one filter unit per 120m³ room volume.
In a school or office room with a normal degree of utilization you can reduce the aerosols and particles in the air by 90%.